Photovoltaics and Materials Testing

Our Photovoltaic Testing Systems (PTS) are complete, turn-key systems; however, any PTS can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Scroll down to see what systems are offered or download the brochure for the PTS series here: PTS Brochure File-1548168373

These are the variants of the Photovoltaic Testing System (PTS):

PTS-2-QE Quantum Efficiency Measurement System (see specs).

PTS-3-CPM Constant Photocurrent Method System (includes PTS-2-QE capability); The CPM system illuminates the sample solar sell with a bias solar light source while a separate light source is modulated to cover a specified spectrum.

PTS-3-DBP Dual Beam Photocurrent Method System (includes PTS-2-QE capability); The DBP system is based on maintaining constant photocurrent over the range of photon energy to get constant quasi-Fermi levels

PTS-3-PTD Photothermal Deflection System (includes PTS-2-QE capability); The PDS system utilizes the photothermal deflection spectroscopy method allowing for the direct measurement of the sub-gap absorption of the sample by utilizing the mirage effect.

PTS-4-SSP Steady State Photoconductivity System (includes PTS-2-QE capability); The steady state photoconductivity measurements give information about the nature of defects, mobility-lifetime products, and the transport and recombination kinetics of photogenerated carriers

—NEW!!—  PTS-2-IQE   This system allows an overall external quantum efficiency value measurement as well as internal quantum efficiency measurements using an integrating sphere. It includes all the spectral response equipment of the base PTS-system, as well as a bias light and additional electronics and software to seamlessly allow user-friendly measurements of quantum efficiency.

Product brochure: PTS-2-IQE Brochure



There is also an optional upgrade for IQE (Internal Quantum Efficiency) measurements for any of these systems.

The PTS- series is designed and manufactured by Sciencetech, Inc. (Canada).


Quantum Efficiency Measurement System (PTS-2-QE)

Functions & features:

• Induced Voltage (IV) : VOC , ISC, Rshunt, Pmax, efficiency %, and fill factor
• Spectral Response : 250 – 2500 nm scanning range
• Quantum Efficiency
• Photocurrent measurement : Resolution 10 picoampere to 10 microampere.
• Monochromatic light power up to 125 mW
• Keithley 2400 series source meter
• Stanford SR800 series lock-in amplifier
• Light-tight measurement chamber
• Manually controlled shutter
• Bias voltage range of 0 to 200 V
• User-friendly software for data acquisition


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Note: All systems are designed and manufactured by Sciencetech, Inc. (Canada)



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