Custom Technical Solutions

Avian Light can provide the pieces you need for your photometric or radiometric application. We can tailor solutions to meet your unique needs. Our partner, Sciencetech, can customize standard products to meet whatever requirements you have. They strive to understand the customer’s research and testing requirements and make sure to keep you at the center of it all.  You do not have to make do with off-the-shelf equipment. Working closely with Sciencetech’s team of scientists and engineers, we can develop the pieces that fit exactly with your research or test requirements.

Want to know more? Read about these success stories:

FTIR’s for calibration of the ESA’s Planck SpacecraftHighly-Collimated Solar Simulator for a prominent space agencyBlue Light Source for a pharmaceutical company focused on photodynamic therapy (PDT)


View more information on the design, development, and delivery process, or contact Avian Light to discuss your custom instrumentation needs.

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