About Avian Light

The work started as a simple contract job with Avian Technologies in the latter part of 2018. The task was to look at market potential for Avian Technologies to provide measurement services in the areas of photometry and radiometry. Within a matter of a few months, the short-term contract evolved into the stand-alone entity known as Avian Light, a Limited Liability Company registered in my home state of Iowa.

Avian Light’s purpose is to provide test and measurement solutions in the areas of photometry and radiometry. How these solutions are provided are in the form of instrumentation and technical consulting. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to see how we grow and to stay informed about the products and services we offer.

Take a few minutes to visit Avian Light’s partners, Avian Technologies and Avian Rochester. They provide products and services in colorimetry, physical standards, materials & coatings and measurements services.

About me

Mike Jergens

Mike Jergens, Owner/Metrologist/Director of Photometry & Radiometry

I am Iowa-born and bred, living my entire life (thus far) in the Midwest US. My career in metrology encompasses 30 years at Rockwell Collins, Inc. (a key supplier in commercial and military aviation), a year or so of various contract work, plus my time with Avian Light. As the primary metrologist for optical radiation measurements and standards for Rockwell Collins, I was responsible for maintaining various standards for radiometry, photometry, color and appearance.

In keeping with the operating philosophy of many corporate metrology organizations, I functioned as a jack-of-all-trades, master of a few. These skills included electrical metrology, e.g. low-current DC standards; custom test equipment; and software engineering, e.g. SureCAL Metrology software and LabVIEW. Tasks (in addition to the day-to-day office or lab duties) included leading various advisory committees and participating in numerous working groups with tasks ranging from analyzing quality issues, providing technical guidance for compliance to ANSI-NCSLI-Z540, training of technical personnel to providing content for enterprise learning solutions. A notable period in my career was being a part of CORM, having the honor of serving on the Board of Directors (1998-2004) and as CORM President (2001 -2004).


Mike Dave Art
Myself, Dave Wyble (Avian Rochester) and Art Springsteen (Avian Technologies) at CORM-CIE 2019 in Ottawa ON.