SciSun Series: Newly improved and with one week delivery!


We are pleased to offer Sciencetech’s newly-improved line of Low-Cost Solar Simulator Systems: the SciSun Series (Class AAA). Order now and receive your SciSun in one week!

The SciSun Solar Simulator Series Arc Lamp System produces a bright output in the UV-VIS-IR spectral ranges. It can be operated in a horizontal or vertical position (depends on the bulb type; some lamps cannot be operated horizontally). Sciencetech SciSun Series Arc Lamp System is designed for Xenon arc lamps of 150 to 300 W.

General specifications:

  • – Class AAA solar simulation
  • – 2 inch x 2 inch (50mm x 50mm) target area illumination )
  • – 2 suns irradiance
  • – Provides a manual variable attenuator to adjust from 0.1–2 suns
  • – AM1.5G Spectral Match


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