Simulate the sun...

Solar Simulators for Research and Testing of Materials


Avian Light LLC is pleased to offer ScienceTech Solar Simulators in the United States!

ScienceTech’s Solar Simulators produce high intensity, uniform illumination on a target area, offering well-controlled conditions needed for the testing of solar cells, sun screen, plastics, and other materials and devices.

Systems are highly configurable and with an extensive range of options. These simulator systems comply with standards such as ASTM, IEC and JIS and provides these features:

1) Spectral emission closest to the sun’s spectrum (terrestrial & space spectra)
2) High spatial uniformity
3) High temporal stability
4) Configurable orientations in illumination direction
5) Variety of output collimation angles
6) Variable illumination areas
7) Easy to use, turn-key systems with full software control
8) Multiple add ons and accessories such as fiber optic cables, beam turning units, filters and more

ScienceTech designs and fabricates more than 30 different variants of Solar Simulators; however, each of their solar simulators are customizable to best suit your requirements. View basic specifications on our Products page for Solar Simulators.

Contact me to assist you in finding a system appropriate for your technical needs and budget! or 319-382-5510